This is a free site bringing you the Official Illinois State Plumbing Code with helps.
  Things that the state left out
     1. A search Engine, that searches the Plumbers Licensing Law, the Illinois Sprinkler Law and the Illinois Plumbing Code.
     2. Clickable links, for the entire set of laws and codes.

áááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá Finally after all these years somebody has came up with The Illinois State Plumbing Code, in a searchable form, with links, through out, to definitions, TABLES, CODE and ILLUSTRATIONs.
Also included are The Illinois State plumbers licensing law and the Illinois State Sprinkler laws, again all with clickable links and search capabilities. Truly a one of a kind program. It is currently being used by many inspectors,architects,apprentice plumbers and educators. 

This is a great format to study or locate the plumbing codes that you are looking for, to print out, to
  share with other plumbers and apprentices.  Even for plumbing inspectors, engineers, architects &
  home owners who are doing their own plumbing. They can find what they need to know, easily.
                              This format is being brought to you free of charge by:
                                                     Sunkel Plumbing
                                                     Bloomington, IL

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